Mathis A.

Profile and story

Mathis is a 15-year-old athlete who will inspire you with his calm and maturity. In the summer of 2021, he was diagnosed with hepatocarcinoma (liver cancer) and made regular visits to CHU Sainte-Justine. There, he received 5 pre-transplant chemotherapy treatments, a liver transplant (with rejection), before resuming further chemotherapy treatments.


His family tells us that he was the pillar of this whole adventure, the one who kept the troops in good spirits. We're delighted to learn that his latest follow-ups showed no trace of cancer, that he's doing superbly well and that, in the meantime, he's been able to resume a normal life: playing baseball, having a summer job, doing well in his school year...


His many interests, he says, may lead him into the sciences. He'd like to work in the health field (pharmacist/nurse), or be an architect or engineer.


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