Eva L.

Profile and story

In April 2020, a lump in Eva's cheek began to grow larger and larger, and it was then that doctors announced to her family that she had acute myeloid leukemia with granulocytic sarcoma. The 6-year-old was then hospitalized for 6 months to undergo very aggressive chemotherapy treatments. At the height of the pandemic, the family was torn in two, with Eva having no contact with her older brother and father. Gradually, health regulations were relaxed, but it was difficult for the close-knit family.


During the treatments, many pitfalls were thrown in her path (allergy to the first type of chemo causing paralysis for 5 days with excruciating pain, blood transfusions for a bacterium that forced her to spend over 10 days in intensive care, etc.). However, she kept smiling throughout the process and always insisted on continuing to go to school, play at the park, etc. After 6 rounds of chemotherapy, she was finally able to go home, return to a "normal" life and is now officially in remission.


Eva is also a field hockey fan, as are several members of her extended family, with whom she is very close. She plays on a team and even at school. She has an infectious smile, loves to be surrounded by people and always asks to have friends or family at home.


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