Hugo Giroux

In 1999, Hugo Giroux made his mark on the Quebec television scene. Since then, he was seen in 30 vies, Casino, Trauma, Le Négociateur, and L'imposteur, among others.

He became known to the general public through his character of François Duperé in the soap opera O, which earned him a nomination for best supporting role at the 2013 Gemini Awards. He was also seen in the television series Lance et compte in 2014. He is currently in the cast of District 31.

In film, he made his mark as Gosselin in Ricardo Trogi's Horloge biologique. He also played in L'Âge des ténèbres by Denis Arcand, La Peur de l'eau by Gabriel Pelletier and Ésimésac by Luc Picard.

He has been seen in several plays during his career, including the role of the mythical Cyrano de Bergerac, thanks to which he was able to travel around Quebec in 2018.


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